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Wind and Energy Industry Holds Up Future Leaders in Agriculture

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Published on : Mar 11, 2015

Oklahoma highlights interesting vital partnerships between rural communities and farmers operating in the wind and utility companies. A bunch of these companies are sustaining the 2015 Oklahoma Youth Expo involved in investing into the future of the state’s agriculture with a big thank you to all the local partners who have helped in the contribution.

The President of ITC Great Plains said the century old livestock show represents the values of Oklahoma which consists of excellence and hard work.     

ITC Great Plains has strong relations and plans with agricultural communities in supporting the future leaders in Oklahoma through OYE, he added. 

Industry leaders supporting the show and kids from all across the nation included several rural communities in a way to support the vitality of rural America. The power generation companies work quite hard in supporting the farming and ranching communities to deliver power across the state. These things cannot happen without the cooperative relationships and support from farming and ranching communities.    

Officials at the Oklahoma’s Youth Expo said the sponsorships offered by the organizations such as these companies is like a testament in the communities they care and operate in. The companies support towards such an encouragement is for the future kids, added the executive director of the Youth Expo. The strong relationships with transmission and wind energy companies and farming and ranching communities are effective for Oklahoma.  

The Apex Clean Energy is involved in the support at the live stock show for two years. The rural communities have experienced the wind development as the critical revitalization in Western Oklahoma. Inclusive of seven projects in the nation, Apex owns the largest pipeline of active wind energy projects in the nation.

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