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Why Water Technology Startups Fail?

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Published on : May 03, 2019

With rising water challenges, we are on a race to solve them with sustainable alternatives. This gives opportunity to many water technology startups and enterprises. These startups start operating with an objective to meet water challenges with the help of latest technology. However, mere objective of solving water issues with advanced technology seems to be an unrealistic approach. Relying completely on technological innovation will not help because taking other factors into consideration is also important, Says Will Sarni- Founder of Water Foundry.

Role of Technology and Other Factors

Will Sarni believes that technology doesn’t sell on its own. It is the other factors such as people, business models, and execution strategies put together brings in success. We think that with the latest technology in place we can bring in the best in terms of output. But, that’s not the case. This takes us to remember a quote by “Jason Silva”.

“Technology is exponential, but people are linear.”

So, how does it work in water sector? Businesses that are successful in water industry have been working on business models along with technology. He further adds that it is digital technology which helps in success with most innovative opportunities.

Will Sarni reiterates that it is not the technology alone that can lead to success. Factors such team work, innovative business models. Planning and implementing of right strategies brings in the desired success in the water sector. Although there are several water technology hubs and accelerators, startups and entrepreneurs in this field still fail. They do not get support that they need to be successful. They need support in formulating their position, business model, and promoting, branding, planning and execution strategies.