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Why the Virtual Reality Scene is Tilting in Favor of the Consumer

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Published on : Jan 12, 2016

The Oculus Rift Kickstarter was established on the 1st of August, 2012. From that point of time, the world of virtual reality has been steadily shifting its bases from the back ends of developer cycles towards consumer testing phases. That was a long time ago, it feels, as the market is now crawling with companies, both big and small, hoping to catch a slice of the potentially massive industry. This was more than visible in CES 2016, where almost every company making VR headsets and tertiary businesses associated with the market were present.

The technology for virtual reality is now edging closer and closer towards a price that most consumer could find acceptable. It is no longer confined to the drawing rooms of developers and tech enthusiasts. VR headsets are about to make their entry on to store shelves and ecommerce websites, consequently changing the entire scenario. Consumers will now have a major say in what happens in the virtual reality market.

The VR world has even caught the eye of electronics bigwigs such as HTC, Sony, and Valve, who are all about to release their own versions of the virtual reality headsets very soon. What this means for the consumers is a healthy dose of market competition which could eventually spell out better tech for cheaper rates. But only time will tell if the VR deal is here to stay, or just another marketing fad that will never see the light of day like other successful tech innovations. It doesn’t change the fact that people have dreamed of access to virtual reality in the most immersive ways possible, and the VR headsets will get you as immersed as you can right now.

Between Oculus and Sony, the two companies are about to release nearly 100 VR related titles on to the market very soon, which spells big bucks for Hollywood Studios and game makers. Case in point, the already-released virtual reality version of The Martian, which allows a user to do what the lead character did in the movie.

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