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Whoop offers affordable Subscription Service for its Fitness Tracker

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Published on : May 16, 2018

Offering subscription services is becoming a new way for vendors to boost the affordability of healthcare wearables for worldwide consumers. Whoop, a Massachusetts-based wearable company, announced on May 15, 2018 that it is launching a new subscription service that will allow its consumers to get access to its flagship wearable fitness tracker, Strap 2.0, along with all the analytical and activity monitoring tools, for just $30 a month. The subscription services comes with a six month lock-in period for new customers, where they will get the myriad benefits of the tracker’s software suite and related services, apart from the several monitoring functionalities.

Price-Sensitive Customers can Now Enjoy Several Benefits of Whoop’s Fitness Tracker and Services  

Whoop’s wearable has gathered steam with professional athletes and hardcore enthusiasts targeting fitness goals. With the upfront cost ranging anywhere between $500 and $2,000, they have been using the strap for getting the best out of their workouts, keeping a close tab on their sleeping and resting periods. With the current subscription service, the wearable will now fall in the realm of price-sensitive customers who were previously reluctant to part with such a huge amount for accessing the tracker’s functionalities.

According to Whoop, its hardware and advanced analytics offered by the strap could help customers plan ideal workouts, optimize their sleep time, and chart their recovery schedules. Its sensors are capable of collecting vast amount of data on a variety of fitness parameters such as recovery time, strain, and sleep, and can adapt to different workout style individuals may have.

Subscription Services may set the Pace for other Wearable Companies to enhance their Mass Appeal

An exciting element upon which Whoop seem to be capitalizing is the Sleep Coach. Furthermore, the low-priced subscription service will allow the customers to gets access to the Whoop community, which will help them to set challenging health goals and further exhort them to fulfill them.

The subscription service that Whoop is offering will facilitate the mass appeal of various services and software encapsulated by fitness trackers. It remains to be seen whether the move sets the pace for other prominent companies offering wearable health trackers, such as those by Fitbit.