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WHO Published Guidelines to Cut Down Sugar Consumption

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Published on : Mar 11, 2015

The World Health Organization has provided new guidelines to cut sugar consumptions. The United Nation’s health agency states that world is consuming too much of sugar and people should cut down their intake to just 6-12 teaspoons per day.

The guidelines, that was released on Wednesday, finalize draft advice first released in the previous year and are aimed at the additional sugars in processed food, as well as those in syrups, honey, and fruit juices. The guidelines does not apply to the naturally occurring sugars in vegetables, fruit, and milk, since those come with important nutrients.

The director of the nutrition department of WHO Mr. Francesco Branca stated in a statement that they have solid evidence that continuing consumption of additional sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake decreases the risk of tooth decay, obesity, and overweight.  The experts have discussed about the dangers of sugar and surveys suggest that people who eat great amounts of the sweet stuff are at higher risk of dying prematurely from diabetes, heart problems, and cancer, amongst other conditions.

To meet the lower threshold set by the new guidelines, Europeans, Americans, and others in the West would have to cut their average sugar consumption by about 2/3rds.

Americans get about 13% of their calories from additional sugar, or 268 calories a day, which is equivalent to around 18 teaspoons of sugar. One teaspoon of sugar is approximately of 15 calories. Sugar consumption ranges from about 7% in Norway and Hungary, to 17% in Britain to almost 25% in Portugal.

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