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WHO gives a Nod to Administering Untried Ebola Vaccines and Medicines in Africa

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Published on : Aug 13, 2014

Taking into account the current outbreak of the deadly Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the World Health Organization on Tuesday declared it safe and ethical to use untested vaccines and medicines to arrest the situation of the Ebola outbreak. 

The US based Pharma company that manufactures the drug for Ebola has declared the depletion of this particular drug and would take some time to supply more of it. Canada, however, has agreed to supply some of its experimental vaccine for Ebola to West Africa. 

ZMapp, an experimental treatment prepared by Mapp Pharmaceuticals, was given to a few patients. A few survived and one died.  This drug is so new that it has not even been tested on human beings, however clinical trials conducted on moneys confirmed that this helps to strengthen the immune system to ward off Ebola. There is no established treatment for Ebola yet. 
The Public Health Agency of Canada plans on donating almost 1000 doses of the experimental vaccine for Ebola and a part of it will also be kept by Canada as an emergency backup. 

The people who are most prone to Ebola are the African health care workers like doctors and nurses who are treating Ebola patients. 
It has also been observed that the medicines and vaccines that are effective in animals may not necessarily be effective in human beings. 

Many pharmaceutical companies are quickening up their clinical trials of the Ebola vaccine. The countries of West Africa are trying very hard to control further spread of Ebola and they have taken measures like cancelling flights from and to these regions.

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