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White Star Capital doles out $180Mn Fund to help Startups go Global

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Published on : Jun 04, 2018

No sector is left untouched by the expanding wave of investments from venture capital firms in recent years. One of the areas that are witnessing profound impacts is startups who are increasingly using data as their core competency in a bid to go global. Of significance is large benefits garnered by technology firms from the support early-stage venture capital fund companies are offering for the transition. And, the spiraling funding is seeing no bound, White Star Capital, a U.K.-based start-up funder, in June 2018 closed a second fund amounting to whopping $180 million, oversubscribing its initial target of $140 million.

Fin Tech, Next-Generation Commerce, and Sensors and Algorithm Key Areas

The finding is targeted to 20 new entrants which will endowed with $1Mn - $6 Mn of funds. Of note its finding has already been secured by eight of them and till date the venture capital firm has funded as many as 26 startups since 2014. Among those having received the funding include Accelerator company Echo, international shoe manufacturer, U.S.-based data-as-a-service company Unacast, and retailer Clark, and Canada-based Borrowell.  The current focus areas are mainly financial technology, notably in insurance, next-generation commerce, and sensors along with data and algorithm.

VC focusing on High-Growth Companies helping them consolidate their Operations Globally

As disclosed by the venture capital firm, the next wave of consolidation has already begun in consumer financial services; however, the insurance sector is still ripe for opportunities. The two investments already made in the area is endorsing this belief. Though disruptive commerce technology such as blockchain is also one among the list of technologies it seeks to unleash the potential of, the technology hasn’t clearly taken off as of yet. On the other hand, the venture capital firm is focusing more toward high-growth companies helping them bolster their operational competency and geographic presence in the path of their international growth. Among those to benefit the most will be zealot and budding entrepreneurs with clear global aspirations.

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