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Where Does All the Food Go From Our Beloved Show Master Chef?

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Published on : May 28, 2015

Most of the countries enjoy the great food show held in Australia; however, most of the audience must be thinking about what the whole crew does with the remaining food every day. An answer to this turns out to be that, the whole fresh produce that the audience sees in the amazing jam-packed pantry is delivered to the SecondBite, which is a charity that makes provisions to provide nutritious and fresh food for people who are in need of it across the whole Australia.

It is very much reassurance that given such an huge amount of the food from the kitchen of Master Chef is deemed as not that good to sell it in the hypermarkets and supermarkets. According to the statistics, from government institutions that nearby 2 million people of Australia are struggling everyday to put food for eating on the table, and during the same time, around US$8 billion worth of food is getting wasted every year.

Tony Whitford, the spokesperson for the charity organization SecondBite informed the news channels of Australia that if they keep their focus on vegetables and fruit, there is usually a very simple rule of thumb in the hypermarkets and supermarkets. They themselves put the notion in their mind ‘if any shopper will be willing to buy these products.

And if they further think that the answer is going to be no, then it is not sold in these markets. However, if in case the produce manager is ready to eat it, then the SecondBite organization would be actually willing to collect the whole lot of food and then distribute it to all those who are in need of it.