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What’s New in Global Wireless Intercom Market Today? A Look at Infrastructural Growth

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Published on : Feb 18, 2016

By pro-audio standards, the intercom is a small sector of technology and media industry, yet a critical one. The global wireless intercom market is booming since the past few years owing to the introduction of high technology products. With prices of products reaching the sky, even the global wireless intercom market is expected to face a few challenges. There have been advancements in technologies through which wireless intercom communicates. Wireless intercom primarily communicates through Wi-Fi, radio frequencies, and other technologies including Bluetooth, thus providing easy mobility to the users. 

Increasing investments in various areas such as hospitality and transportation will lead to the rise in the application of wireless intercom in these areas. Event management, retail, hospitality, logistics, security and surveillance are some of the applications of wireless intercom. Some of the primary technologies used by wireless intercom are Wi-Fi by frequency, RF by channel, and RF by frequency. The demand for wireless intercom is predicted to increase from the security and surveillance sector owing to the improvements in the scalability of surveillance ecosystems and ease of communication. 

How has Infrastructural Developments helped Global Wireless Intercom Market?

  • A rise in infrastructural growth because of the expansion of the urban population, especially across Asia Pacific is predicted to propel the demand for robust communication and security solutions in the years to come. This, in return, is predicted to propel the demand for wireless intercom for enhanced communication for the purpose of security and surveillance.    
  • Further, wireless intercom reduces the primary cost of installation, simply by minimizing the wiring requirement, as compared to the wired intercom. 
  • Wireless intercom fosters security and privacy during communication through multiple channels and enhanced encryption techniques 
  • Infrastructural developments have enabled wireless intercom to help various security authorities to improve their communication with better mobility

Going forward, the global wireless intercom market is predicted to expand at a rapid pace due to technological advancements and the introduction of new products by the leading players. The entry of new companies in the global wireless intercom market is expected to increase the level of competition and challenges in the years to come.