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What Modern CMOs can Learn from Facebook

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Published on : Jun 28, 2016

Facebook plays an essential role in transforming media for consumers. For marketing professionals across industry verticals, the social networking giant is an inspiration of how it has revolutionized the way consumers and brands connect. Mobile phones have taken over our lives and with the growing use of mobile phones, there is a significant rise in ad blockers, interrupting conventional display advertising. Facebook is fast emerging as one of the major spaces for companies and brands to connect with people. 

Conventional advertising media, such as TV, print, and display ads have changed dramatically over the recent past. However, these significant changes come by only once in a decade or so. Facebook, on the other hand, has been revamping its advertising strategies once every six months. For those heading marketing campaigns in companies, using Facebook as a medium to connect with consumers and target audiences can prove to be extremely profitable. 

Using Messenger to Your Advantage 

Marketers can make the most of Facebook’s Messenger feature. SMSs are being replaced by chats with Whatsapp and Facebook together generating 60 billion messages in a day. This is vastly surpassing the count of SMSs on a daily basis – 20 billion. Mobile chat is a trend that is here to stay and marketing strategies need to incorporate this trend. Messenger allows marketing personnel to engage with customers on a one-on-one basis since this is a channel that people use almost every day. By shifting customer service conversations from the main public page, companies can also safeguard their brand.

Facebook to Gain Feedback

For a long time now, companies and brands have been using Facebook to receive feedback as well as suggestions from their customers. However, advertisers have been skeptical about testing ads on the social platform. Facebook has been improving its targeting capabilities, which allows tech-savvy brands to use this to their advantage and test all forms of content. Considering Facebook as a new focus group has become essential for companies because these users can make or break a brand. They tell companies as well as those around them what they like or do not like about the product or service and can compel others to form the similar, if not same, opinions.