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WeChat to Reintroduce its ‘Tipping’ Feature

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Published on : Jan 16, 2018

WeChat, the leading social media platform in China is planning to revive its tipping feature. It removed this from iOS devices in 2017 after a dispute over the rules of app store with Apple. The feature was previously utilized to transfer cash to content creators. WeChat, owned by Tencent, has now reached an understanding with Apple pertaining to this feature having Chinese characteristics. The creator, and president of WeChat, Allen Zhang, stated at the annual conference of WeChat developers in Guangzhou that the new tipping button will be tweaked a little so that the payments go to individual authors, which previously was going only to the WeChat public account holders. Zhang did not provide any details on when the feature would be reinstated on iOS.

In September, 2017, Apple modified its app store rules and regulations and exempted personal cash gifts from being considered as in-app purchases, of which the company takes a commission of 30%. With almost 1 billion users, the social media app is the extremely popular in China. The introduction of mini-programs by WeChat in January 2017 was seen as a threat by many to the duopoly Apple and Google over the app store ecology; however, Tencent has stated repeatedly that it does not seek to compete against Apple or Google. There are now around 170 million active users on WeChat that use almost 580,000 mini-programs of the app on a daily basis, a manager of WeChat stated at the conference.