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Wearable Sensors to Get Enhanced by Smart Textile Solutions

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Published on : Jul 17, 2019

Sensors have become one of the most trending technologies over the last decade. Smart devices enabled with multiple sensors are seamlessly changing the perspective of modern business these days. However, the latest trend in sensors technologies is wearable sensors. These sensors are seamlessly integrated to human body either in the form of devices or other wearable. These wearable are connected to servers and smart phones. This allows the sensors to transmit the data.

The researchers of National University of Singapore have come up with entirely new an variable device that allows the users to interconnect. The researchers implemented conductive textiles into end-users clothing. This allows the dynamically users to dynamically connect various wearable devices at once. With the new smart textile sensors, the data can be transmitted 1000 times faster and even stronger signal can be transmitted.

How Businesses can Leverage These New Smart Textile Sensors?

These new wearable sensors can have wide application in industries such as healthcare, human-machine interface, and various medical interventions. Businesses can leverages this opportunities have a successful future. With facilities such as better data transmission and greater privacy businesses can offer various solutions to multiple end-users industries.  According to Professor John Ho of NUH the new sensors can offer perfect transmission of data between devices at various power levels, even if they are 1000 time reduced. Moreover, these materials can boost received signal by 1000 times which can give higher data rates for same power.

Researchers are trying to convince potential partners to commercialize this technology. Moreover, Prof. Ho is hoping to test these new sensors as specialized athletic clothing and for various patients to monitor their performance and health. The potential applications of the sensors can range dramatically from health monitoring to athlete's performance monitoring.