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Waymo Settles Lawsuit against Uber off Court

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Published on : Feb 12, 2018

Almost a year after putting accusation on Uber of the theft of its driverless car technology, Waymo has agreed to settle this highly scrutinized lawsuit with the world’s leading ride hailing company. As of now, Waymo, which grew out of the seminal autonomous vehicle project of Google and is working actively for almost a decade into an effort that aims at changing the very nature of transportation, has a much bigger fight looming outside the courtroom.

The competition of Waymo extends much beyond Uber, and a substantial part of that competition is directed by the engineers it used to work with. Since much of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has come out of the works of Waymo and the research run by Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is now easily available from other sources, it has become much easier for enterprises, even startups, to compete against Waymo.

Jason Doran, who aided in running Sidecar, the delivery service, and joined GM, when the startup was acquired by the carmaker, stated that Waymo does have a technical edge but it has to come up with a concrete business model. For a tech pioneer, it is not uncommon to lose out on becoming the enterprise that capitalizes in on the technology it has been working on. The whole industry is spread with stories of great ideas of companies, which could not make big of it, while some other turned it into a great business.