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Water Scarcity and Rapid Urbanization Drives Global Water Purifier Market

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Published on : Feb 11, 2016

Water purification has become important in all walks of life. Whether it is drinking water or water for non-potable uses, purification of water is imperative for any kind of a usage. The growing water pollution, which refers to presence of harmful contaminants, undesirable chemicals, and gases, is capable of causing major illnesses. Owing to these reasons, water is purified by using sedimentation, filtration, distillation, chlorination, and use of electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light. These reasons have given the global water purifier market a serious impetus. 

Growing Population Drives Global Water Purifier Market

The global water purifier market is also being driven by the growing population, which is leading to a major water scarcity. The problem is especially complex in the urban areas as the rural population is migrating to urban areas. This is encouraging governing bodies to invest in buying better water purifier systems and recycle the existing water resources to cater to the needs of urbanization.

Urgent Need for Water Reuse and Recycling Propels Global Water Purifier Market

Furthermore, the aging water infrastructure and the urgent need for water reuse and recycling is also fueling the growth of the global water purifier market. Additionally, the growing awareness of improving the quality of drinking water and the ever-expanding residential and commercial activities are also leading to the growth of the global water purification market.

Asia Pacific Emerges as the Leading Regional Segment in Global Water Purifier Market

Analysts indicate that Asia Pacific water purification market was the largest in 2014 as it held about one-third of the total market share. This market is being driven rise in population, rapid industrialization, and agricultural development in the Asia Pacific region. As top players in the market are developing cost-effective water purifiers, the demand for these devices is growing amongst the rural population as well. Additionally, growing number of water regulation initiatives shown by emerging economies of China and India are also propelling the growth of the global water purification market.