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Volkswagens Issues to Affect Entire Car Industrys Credibility, says Kia Motors COO

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Published on : Oct 19, 2015

Thomas Oh, the COO and executive vice president of Kia Motors commented that the issues that Volkswagen ids facing will affect the credibility of the whole automotive industry. The Kia Motors’ executive is a veteran in the automotive industry who has looked into the substantial growth at Kia, after he moved from Hyundai, described as ‘an old flame’ by the executive.

As told to a news agency regarding the Volkswagen scandal, Oh commented that the Volkswagen scandal should be called an issue from the automotive industry fraternity.

He further commented that the Volkswagen scandal is likely to affect the entire auto industry with respect to its credibility, and also with respect to trust between consumers and makers.

Thomas Oh commented that the Volkswagen scandal is a bad thing for everybody who is involved in the car business. He further commented that they do not know about other auto makers, but regarding Kia Motors, they can guarantee consumers to not have used software that are intended to manipulate test results.

The Kia Motors executive further commented that the company is keeping with its test regulation and it will keep in accordance in future as well, without any kind of compromise for the driving performance of the vehicle. This is the bottom line of the company’s motto, the Kia Motors executive commented.

Regarding the growth of Kia Motors, it is story of phenomenal growth. In 2002, the global sales of the car maker including the car maker’s domestic market was valued at less than US$ 1 mn. In 2013, in a span of 11 years, Kia Motors reached a mark of US$ three mn. And in 2015, Kia received second place in the survey conducted by JD Initial Quality, trailing Porsche at number one. In simple words, Kia is competing aggressively against the big car brands. It is speculated that Volkswagen’s woes could turn into opportunity for advancing car makers