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Volkswagens C Coupe GTE to launch in China in 2017

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Published on : Oct 19, 2015

Volkswagen’s C Coupe GTE will hit the Chinese automobile market in early 2017. Due to delay in the production version, the vehicle will arrive the market in early 2017, which was supposedly going to hit the market in December this year. The delay in production of the vehicle is also related with the company’s fancy for diesel engine automobile, as speculated by market analysts. 

But at least the company has named the vehicle that is being anticipated, C Coupe GTE will be called ‘Hui Dao’ – that best translates into ‘Shining Road’.

The Hui Dao, which is manufactured locally by a joint venture between Shanghai and Volkswagen will be sport-sedan available only in the China market. The vehicle will be positioned between Volkswagen’s Passat/ Megotan and Volkswagen’s upcoming Phaeton.

Volkswagen’s MLB 2 will be the platform for the Hui Dao, which will also support the new Audi A8. The Hui Dao concept car received power by a hybrid drivetrain that consisted of an electric motor and 2.0 turbo, which collectively is good to deliver a combined output of 500nm and 245hp. 

It is speculated that the real car will be based on similar configurations, with 2.0 TSI and 3.0 TSI V6, all combined with an eight-speed DCT. The real car with 2.0 TSI is speculated to have an output of 220hp and 350nm.

The new vehicle from Volkswagen will be in competition with Toyota’s Crown and Ford’s upcoming Taurus for the China market, both the cars that are not available for sale in the U.S. or Europe. Though Volkswagen did not have an answer for the unavailability of Hui Dao’s competing cars in the U.S. or Europe, but it will surely have one at the launch of the vehicle in 2017.