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Volkswagen to Build Electric Version of its 60’s Microbus

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Published on : Aug 21, 2017

International automotive giant Volkswagen just announced that it would start production of an electric version of its classic Microbus camper van in order to bolster its fleet of electric vehicles.

The revamping of the van with battery-power, called Bulli in Germany, was declared by the company for the first time in the January Detroit auto show. The German automotive company announced that the brand new model will be designed on the I.D. Buzz concept electric van, unveiled in the Detroit motor show.

As per Herbert Diess, chairman on board Volkswagen, the vehicle combines the past and future and forms a crucial pillar in Volkswagen’s electric drive initiative. It also serves to carry the Microbus driving feeling into the future.

Company Flooded with Mails to Build Cars

Diess informed that after the presentation they have been inundated with mails requesting them to build the cars post presentations at international motor shows in Geneva and Detroit.

The electric van, known as the ID Buzz, will most likely hit the market in 2022 and will be pitched to customers in China, Europe, and North America, announced the company. It also said it will build a cargo version of the van.

Volkswagen latest announcement can be seen as a move to counter the rising challenge posed by Tesla, helmed by Elon Musk, which has taken the auto industry by storm with its plans to gain a stronghold over the mass market for electric cars. This has compelled established automobile manufacturers that leverage combustion engines to rethink their strategies. Volkswagen, for example, plans to have over 30 all-electric models by 2025.