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Volkswagen Fights Back with Revamped Tiguan amid Slow China Sales

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Published on : Sep 14, 2015

Volkswagen is using Tiguan, the top selling sport utility vehicle of the car maker to combat slow sales in China and other countries as it struggles with leadership status.

The most significant model of Volkswagen in 2015, may offer some relief to the German carmaker, the focus of the car maker this year has been taken away by a rare coincidence of power struggle and public discussion pertaining to cost cutting which has troubled the car division of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen proposed earlier in the month to extend the contract of the Chief Executive and to appoint Hans Diter Poetsch, the finance chief as the next chairman.

However, the move has been criticized by some analysts to be a missed opportunity that has steered the biggest automotive company in Europe in the era of digitalization along with new leaders. This move has happened five months after the Chairman quit the power struggle with Winterkorn on strategy issues.

Since the launch of the Tiguan, this is the first launch of the Volkswagen car which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show to start this week. This heralds a fleet of new SUVs and crisscross plans of Volkswagen to leverage in the coming years in the vehicle segment which is expected to be the fastest growing in the coming years.

As commented by the lead of the Center of Automotive Management near Cologne, the Tiguan in with the makeover is expected to give Volkswagen a good break and also save conflicts in management.

Volkswagen is seeking time until the structural problems of the company are resolved. The company is in crisis mode.

The carmaker based in Wolfsburg is making over its structure in order to overcome underperformance in overseas places and to boost profits.  The company will also reveal steps that will be taken later in the year.