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Vitamin C Could Reduce Adverse Health Effects on Babies Born To Smokers

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Published on : May 20, 2014

It is quite easily understood that smoking during pregnancy has many adverse affects on the health of newborns. But an inexpensive way to reduce such risks is to adhere to a good supply of Vitamin C all along the pregnancy, a new study shows. 

Smoking during pregnancy especially has adverse effects on the development of lungs that could result in a lifelong decrease in the functioning of lungs. 

Though the study clearly states that it has evidences of Vitamin C supplementation on reduction of adverse effects from smoking while pregnancy, it also states that the effects are best when combined with smoking cessation counseling. 

At the time of birth, babies born to mothers who continued smoking even during pregnancy are generally seen as having decreased pulmonary (lung) functioning.  Such conditions are fatal and could also give rise to the rate of infant morbidity due to respiratory complications. 

Long term effects on such children born to smoking mothers also result in incidences of childhood asthma. 

The study in discussion here involved primates and saw that the introduction of Vitamin C resulted in reduction of some of the commonly observed effects of nicotine on the development of lungs in a fetus. 

For the study, pregnant smokers were randomly assigned to receive doses of either Vitamin C or placebo.  

The study found out that children born to women assigned to doses of Vitamin C, compared with those assigned to placebo, had better pulmonary function.  

Children of women assigned use of vitamin C also showed significantly less wheezing till through one year of their age. 

The complete study can be seen in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. 

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