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Virtual Reality Glove Now in Reality

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Published on : Jul 23, 2019

Recently, a virtual reality-enabled glove is in the news. The glove offers experience while dealing with virtual objects. According to researchers, the virtual reality glove is optimal combination of pneumatic actuators and tangible piezoelectric sensors. These sensors provide a remarkable experience to the user of this soft virtual reality glove system.

This is not the first time that the researchers are able to reproduce the texture of a human hand. However, it is a first noteworthy attempt where the results have a substantial impact. The glove system allows the user to manipulate the virtual hand as per his/her will, pick-up and drop various objects in virtual reality, and most importantly, feel the actual shape of the object in reality. This technology provides one-of-its-kind experience to the users.

How Does the Virtual Reality Glove Work?

The sensors in the glove use piezoelectric technology that generates an electric charge when squeezed. A user can line the glove with any object, and every bend, flick or snap of the fingers produces a measurable electric pulse. A software can translate this pulse into commands that operate the movement of virtual hand on the screen. There are 11 sensors present in the glove along with actuators. These actuators are little air bubbles encased in thin silicon skin. These bubbles can change their shape when they come in contact with an electric current. This, in turn, manipulates the human brain by making it feel as if it is touching the object.

With the precise combination of hardware and software and various connectivity options, the glove can unite virtual and real world. When a user touches an object, the electric charge from the glove sends the signal to the software. The software then converts the signal into computer command based on the data that is stored in it. This command in return moves the virtual hand present on the screen imitating the human hand movements.

Future holds great applications for the glove, as it can be used in various industries. In various chemical plants, workers have to deal with various hazardous compounds. The virtual reality glove can help them stay away from the danger.. Instead, they can use a robotic arm that can be controlled by the glove from a safe distance.