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Victoza, A Diabetes Drug, Could Also Aid Weight Loss

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Published on : Jun 17, 2014

Adults suffering from obesity or those that have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, may gain an unexpected benefit from the Danish drug Victoza which is current undergoing its third phase of clinical trials. The drug has also proven to be effective for weight management. The chemical in the drug -liraglutide - when administered in 3mg doses over a period of 56 weeks supplemented with proper exercise and diet has shown encouraging results. Participants in the trial reported a mean loss of 5.9% of their baseline body weight.

In cases where smaller doses of the drug were administered, the loss of mean weight was seen to be slightly reduced, at 4.6%.  The weight loss of the control group was recorded as being about 2%. All these groups were put on a low-calorie diet and a proper regimen of exercise during the term of the study.

Dr. Maria Collazo-Clavel, who works as an associate professor at the Mayo Clinic’s College of Medicine, and is also the medical editor of diabetes content on the clinic’s health website said that the drug was effective as it worked by suppressing appetite. Dr. Maria is also a part of the team behind \"Mayo Clinic The Essential Diabetes Book.\"

According her words on the website of the Mayo Clinic, this particular drug works by delaying the passage of food as it travels from the stomach on towards the small intestine. This also increases the time duration, during which the patient feels satiated. If this drug is also approved a medication for weight loss, it could likely prove useful to a critical patient group, especially those who suffer from obesity or type 2 diabetes struggle with weight loss or weight management.

According to Clinical Director of Northwestern Comprehensive Center on Obesity in Chicago, Dr. Robert Kushner, this particular patient population faces challenges. In that backdrop, a weight loss of 5.9% that was observed with 3 mg of liraglutide 3 mg is impressive.

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