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Venus’ Thick Atmospheric Air Speeds up the Planet’s Spin

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Published on : Jun 19, 2018

Venus, which orbits at a higher rate than the solid globe, may witness further impact in its rotation rate. The thick air of the planet may thrash against mountains and change its rotation rate.

As revealed by computer simulations, the thick air of the planet whips at a speed of 100 meters per second. This air exerts considerable push against a mountain on one side to speed the rotation of the planet by two minutes each day.

High Speed Venusian Atmosphere not to have considerable impact on Planet Orbit Speed

Considering that Venus orbits only once equivalent to 243 Earth days, the gained rotation speed is not much. However, the precise measurements of the rotation rate of the planet have shown variation of about seven minutes. The mismatch in gained rotational speed is related to pull and push of air over the mountains, along with some other pull probably the gravitational influence of the sun that slows the spin back of the planet.

The simulations carried out by a team of scientists at UCLA are to account for a 10,000-kilometer-long wave in cloud tops of the planet, which were spotted by Japanese Akatsuki spacecraft in 2015. The phenomenon is observed in Earth when waves are launched into the planet’s atmosphere and air flows over a mountain. The waves, however, dissipate quickly due to breaking from opposing winds. Venus’ atmosphere rotates so fast than Earth and in a uniform direction so that the waves could be action for a long time.

The study is interesting, as stated by one of the researchers involved in discovering the atmospheric wave.