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ValveSteam Machines Slash out the Gaming Industry with its Technology

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Published on : Jan 15, 2014

Today’s generation recognizes ‘Valve’ as the heart of the machines in the gaming world. It is the most unpredictable and surprisingly the best name in the video game market. 

The Valve is undoubtedly the biggest names in the gaming world because of its innovative gaming technology and unorthodox strategies. Last year it had sent across the in-thing waves in the market with its announcement about Steam Machine. Steam happens to be one of the very few largest online gaming distribution systems currently crossing over 65 million users worldwide. It is the next logical step and console in the gaming world. 

At the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, Valve announced its list of hardware manufacturers that will be actively helping the company in producing the much-awaited Steam machine. Steam consoles will integrate both the PC and console gaming offering worldwide gamers the best of the exposure to the gaming world. Steam’s greatest advantage is the affordability of the console in terms of pricing. The new Steam machines range from sub-$500 units to $6,000 powerhouses. 

Gabe Newell – the CEO of the company said that Valve will soon be collaborating with 13 hardware manufacturers in the pursuit of their highly anticipated console. However, these upcoming consoles will be on leverage with the Valve’s Steam console catering a beautiful and genuine console experience for gamers around the world. 

Nevertheless, Steam machines will bear certain similarities to the PC gaming rigs. They will be found in a variety of sizes and shapes, and would be available in various hardware specifications that may include Inter processors and Nvidia GPUs. 

The Valve will be seen working with a range of well-known companies known for manufacturing gaming hardware and PC such as Zotac, Gigabyte, Origin PC, and Alienware. While the companies will manufacture hardware of the U.S. market, certain manufacturers have been selected to target the European and Asian markets too. 

At present there are currently around 250 titles available for the Steam OS, but more titles will be ported to the OS once the new Steam Machines are available in the market.

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