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Published on : Mar 18, 2015

With the recently launched Windows 10 O, users will be able to log into a specific device. And this won’t require a password, since this new gadget will make use of biometrics such as facial recognition. Microsoft declared that this Hello feature of Windows will offer support to the concept of biometric authentication, as a measure for decreasing the requirements for passwords. Password hacking is quite a commonly occurring situation. The biometric system will use fingerprints, or iris, or a person’s face for unlocking the devices.

According to senior officials at Microsoft, a person’s device and the person himself will be required for him to get the Windows experience, data, apps, services, and also websites.  Users will not have to create a random group of numbers and letters that are often forgotten, or perhaps written down on a piece of paper and then misplaced. Such a step has been taken by Microsoft at a time when the problem of database hacking has become rampant, and also the incidence of cyber and identity crimes and thefts is significantly high. Samsung and Apple have already started installing fingerprint sensors in most of the smartphones that they are manufacturing. Also, many other variants of biometrics are getting introduced across a wide array of services and products. 

Windows Hello provides better online security since it allows users to authenticate several applications online experiences, and even enterprise content without the use of passwords that are stored in the devices or perhaps in network servers. Microsoft that is developing the Windows 10 for mobile devices and the conventional PCs has started testing the same. Mobile devices being referred to, here include smartphones and tablets. A broad range of devices of the Windows 10 supporting Windows Hello will soon be available in the market.