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Use of Advanced Technology in Healthcare Raising Cyber security Concerns

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Published on : Sep 19, 2019

Data breach and cyber-attacks are some frequent words of any business conversation. However, the objective of using these words not just defines the knowledge but also major ideas on how to come up with solutions. Last years, the very first incidence of security breach in which millions of users’ information was at risk by Facebook shook the world. This incidence helped in opening eyes, especially of governments who need to understand association of technology in our daily life.

Following this incidence, healthcare industry witnessed a major data breach scandal in 2018. This indecent was the case of data breach of 1.5 million patients from SingHealth Institution. However, the concern today does not stops at data leak; it also refers to issue like ransom, extortion, and cyberwar.

Throwing Light on Minute Yet Sensitive Details that Can Lead to Healthcare Cyberattack

Giving insights on healthcare cybersecurity, Richard Staynings - chief Security Strategist, Cylera discuss about crucial steps need to be taken. He reveals that it is highly important that nurses, physicians, and biomedical technicians’ needs to train with rapidly changing technologies. Currently, we are facing enormous gaps that ease perpetrator in attacking victim and walking free vs. making cyberattack difficult and costly for perpetrator.

In today’s era, healthcare and advanced technology are immensely connected. Therefore, healthcare boards need to understand the exact different between healthcare compliance and security. Importance given to risk-based approach by healthcare authorities rather than control measure is another major factor. This important, as we are standing right here and constructing our tomorrow that is coming with a lot of uncertainties.