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Use of Advanced Microcontrollers Befit Low Power, Long Battery Life Requisites of Electrical Systems

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Published on : Jul 18, 2016

The emergence of sophisticated electrical systems, applications, and processing needs have led to an increased use of microcontrollers. The use of microcontrollers lies across several types of electrical networks ranging from airplane navigation systems to air conditioners to personal digital assistants to digital watches. In particular, microcontrollers are significantly important in automobiles for managing automotive electronics. 

Presently, 32-bit microcontrollers are used extensively phasing out the 8-bit device used previously. However, the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the technological development of MCUs. In this regard, MCUs are being designed and developed with wireless connectivity capabilities to function in coherence with IoT.

Currently, MCY developers are focused on edge devices and fusion devices elements of IoT. This is to fulfill the minimal power consumption and least possible cost requisites of IoT in the bid to upgrade the tiniest devices to be smart and connected. The use of ultra-low power microcontrollers is characteristic of extreme power management for the successful IoT operation. Therefore, the flexibility of the sleep modes of microcontrollers to reduce current draw or deactivate unused circuitry has been favorable for considerable cost savings. This addresses the growing importance of energy management solutions in IoT applications. 

Recently, in an industry development, Microchip Technology Inc. has announced its minimal energy and most cost-effective family of 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers. Microchip’s PIC32MM family offers distinguishing features over PIC32MX and PIC24FXLP family of microcontrollers that were popular formerly. PIC 32 MCUs have core independent peripherals and are designed to unload the central processing unit for reduced energy and low system design. 

The industrial segment accounts for significant growth of the microcontrollers market. A large number of standards are in place as industrial communication systems head towards automation. These standards are further expected to increase with the emergence of Industrial Ethernet. The utilization of microcontrollers provide internal system architecture and peripherals required for the efficient interface between the product and the key field busses and industrial Ethernet standards. Moreover, the need for increased agility and flexibility in product lifecycles in the industrial ecosystem necessitate the use of microcontrollers. The use of microcontrollers aids extensive feedback control mechanism and advanced sensors, which in turn, facilitate industrial automation

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