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US Vessel Cape Ray Destroyed Syrias Chemical Weapons

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Published on : Aug 19, 2014

RIA Novosti, Monday news stated that teams aboard the MV Cape Ray (US vessel) have completed the task of neutralizing the chemical stockpile materials declared in Syria. This was informed by John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm.

The Secretary of Defense – Chuck Hagel congratulated the Navy Captain – Rich Dromerhauser ship\'s crew on completing their task of neutralizing dangerous chemicals in Syria’s stockpile. Hagel was pleased with the job and lauded the crew aboard Cape Ray for their significant contribution to the global security. 

Although, the international community’s work to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons program is unfinished business, the secretary still believes in his military force and through this recent task set a clear illustration of how diplomacy can be achieved by sheer willingness.  

About a week ago, a report by Pentagon stated that the civil and military experts had destroyed the complete stockpile of harmful sarin gas that was transported out of Syria. The teams also neutralized around 20 tons of chemical materials that were used to make lethal gas, another term for mustard gas. 

Syria complied with Russia’s proposal to surrender its chemical arsenal, in October 2013. This agreement had about 1,300 tons of hazardous chemical weapons being transferred to international ships. 

This mission got United States to withdraw its plan of an airstrike against Syria. Washington had accused the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad of utilizing harmful chemical weapons against the state civilians.  

Under the tutelage of UN’s Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Cape Ray began its mission on July 7. The American ship had two efficient field deployable hydrolysis systems transform the chemical materials into highly low-level perilous industrial waste.  

The byproducts of this mission will be processed by concerned authorities in the United States, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

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