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US Taking Steps to Fill Gap for Refugee Children

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Published on : Dec 09, 2015

The U.S. is collaborating with the United Nations in order to rise humanitarian assistance to refugees in Syria and is also filling up the gap for children that are refugees and moving to Syria, though as per experts a lot of complications are still there. The secretary, named John Kerry, has pledged last week to contribute $24 mn from the United States to the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, to be utilized for assisting migrants and refugees who have at present experienced the start of winter. 

Turkey has been provided with $325 mn by the U.S. via non-government organizations and United Nation agencies for providing shelters, the medical centers, and for supporting the schools. On the other hand, UNICEF has introduced a plan for reaching millions of children in Syria with supplies of winter and with cash support and this done as an add-on to the already commencing programs on health and education.

The refugee children can get education via temporary education centers and Turkey’s national school systems within urban areas and camps. The former will present Arabic instruction having a customized version of the Syrian curriculum, but a lot of differences and the absence of language skills in Syrian children has acted as a restraint to education, as stated in the report of 2015 to 2016 by the advocacy group, Turkey’s Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan.

The U.S has also collaborated with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and many other organizations that are non-government, running 13 stand-alone schools within provinces such as Mersin, Kilis, Adiyaman, Osmaniyeh, , Batman, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Malatya, Adana, and Gaziantep, and they have accommodated over twenty six thousand students.  Imparting education and job for the Syrians residing in Turkey are amongst the prime things that will really give the feel-at-home feeling to Syrians.