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US Ships Weapons to Kurd Forces

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Published on : Aug 12, 2014

A State Department spokeswoman stated on Monday that the US has started an urgent shipping of weapons to Iraqi Kurdish forces fighting against extremist state militants. 

Marie Harf, the spokesperson also added that the US government was speaking with the Iraq government to transfer the needed arms to the Kurds at an increasingly better pace. This also includes the transfer of Iraq’s weapons from its own stock. 

Harf mentioned that the endeavor was underway since the last week but did not mention which US agency led it or what kinds or how many weapons were sent. 

In a separate set of incidences, the US military has also confirmed that it carried out a fresh air strike to track down a group of Islamic state militants. This group had earlier declared that it was planning to attack the Kurdish forces employed for the protection of Kurdistan’s capital city Arbil. 

Arbil has a consulate and other facilities for the US; the president had ordered the said air strikes for protection of the city. 

US’s efforts to offer support to the Kurdish forces may affect in hampering its ties with the Iraq government in Baghdad. It is also fighting with Islamic State militants but has tensed relations with Arbil, the capital of Kurdistan  - a semi-autonomous region of Iraq. 

But Harf mentioned that in the current situation of crisis, both sides of the country are working together. 

The air strikes ordered by the US president are said to be an attempt to stop a convoy of IS militants that were moving to attack Kurd forces protecting Arbil. According to the US, the militants were in a position to threaten US personnel as well as people from minority groups in the city.

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