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US Receives Warnings from Russia against the Use of the Missile Defense System

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Published on : Mar 25, 2015

A warning was given by Russia to the U.S. about the defense system of the ballistic missile that the latter has plans of sending to South Korea. The warning pertains to the regional security getting threatened. Russia hopes that the U.S. will take the necessary steps to ensure that any such regional disharmony doesn’t come up in any way. 

In fact, the U.S. has plans of deploying THAAD, a system that will act like an obstacle to any kind of military provocation that will get initiated by North Korea on South Korea. According to the foreign ministry of Russia, this sort of a development causes an air of concern as regards the Unites States’ missile defense system’s destructive influence. This missile defense system primarily pertains to international security. 

In an area that is characterized by a complex security scenario there could be a new push towards a race of arms in the area of northeast Asia. This could also lead to further complications of any resolution that pertains to nuclear activities and issues that are taking place in the peninsula of Korea. There have also been warnings from China that talks about the undermining of stability and peace in this region owing to the deployment and the operation of this system. 

At present, Russia is aiming at strengthening its ties with North Korea, one of its former allies of cold war. The main factor that is driving Russia to take such a step is because the country has been facing rising isolation from western parts of the world with regard to the crisis at Ukraine. The United States and South Korea will soon be launching a drill on the 28th of March 2015, which will be a demo of an invasion. 

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