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US Job Market Expands Owing to Economic Recovery

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Published on : Feb 09, 2015

Latest industry reports show that approximately 257000 jobs were added by the U.S. economy and job creation was significantly higher in the months of December and November. The number of jobs created in the month of January had exceeded 200000, and this has been a phenomenal figure after 1994. According to the Labor Department, 147000 more jobs were included in December and November. This came to a total of 414000 & 329000. 

Over the last three months, on an average, the number of jobs created has been 336000. This has been by far the best statistical figure over a period of 17 months, thereby pointing towards the capacity of the U.S. economy to ensure rapid economic recovery. Till about a year back, the quarterly average was fixed at 197000 jobs. The rate of unemployment that stems from an independent data set was higher and stood at 5.7% since the number of employed persons and those seeking jobs increased marginally. 

The current month seems rather lucrative and gainful for the job market in the U.S. since greater than one fourth of a million jobs are soon going to be added in the economy. This, unfortunately even till now is supported by easy liquidity and easy money. For almost six years now, the targeted interest rate of the Fed Reserve has been zero. It is however expected that this rate may be increased sometime this year towards a level of normalcy. But this is expected to be a rather gradual and slow process since the initiation of the same depends immensely on the Fed Reserve.