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U.S. Inventors Design Obesity Controlling Device that Challenges Conventional Surgery

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Published on : Feb 24, 2015

A game-changing device designed by in the U.S. is all set to change the way we deal with obesity by controlling the desire to eat with electrical impulses. The device is planned for a launch in Britain sometime later in 2015. The device, VBloc, is the size of a matchbox and it requires a 90 minute keyhole surgery. It will be planted on the rib cage with a wire that will be attached to a nerve on top of the stomach that will control the appetite and the pangs of hunger.

According to the inventors of VBloc this device will negate the need for bariatric surgery or any other obesity management surgery as it makes no changes to the digestive tract. The conventional surgery actually alters the digestive tract to prevent a person from eating more. Instead of stapling the stomach or digestive tract, the device will send signals to the brain through the vagus nerve to control its desire to eat more than what is necessary.

So far, VBloc has been used on 500 patients in both, Australia and US and has been approved for usage in Europe. The inventors claim that radical weight loss was achieved by patients while continuing with a normal diet. They further added that obese people lost about 50% of their excess far within a year of using VBloc.
Trial results of Australia and US published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2015, clearly showed that in a year’s time 52% users shed 20% of excess weight and about a third lost 30%. The users also experienced lowered blood pressure, better cholesterol levels, normal heart rate, and a smaller waist.

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