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US FDA Sends Warning Letters to Distributors of Pure Powdered Caffeine for Marketing the Product as Dietary Supplement

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Published on : Sep 02, 2015

On Tuesday this week, five distributors of pure caffeine were issued warning letters by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. These warning letters have come as the federal agency has increased its efforts for curtailing the ingestion of the product in its pure form, which is known to lead to fatal consequences.

The Food and Drug Administration had also issued a consumer advisory warning in the previous year warning the consumer of the risks of consuming pure powdered form of caffeine after the incidences of two deaths from the overdose of the product were reported.

This Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration sent warning letters to Bridge City Bulk, Hard Eight Nutrition LLC, Kreativ Health Inc dba Natural Food Supplements, Purebulk Inc, and SPN LLC dba Smartpowders.

These companies were marketing pure caffeine as a dietary supplement, states the Food and Drug Administration. Earlier in the year 2012, warning letters were issued by the FDA on nearly the same grounds to the company Breathable Foods Inc. The company was marketing an inhalable caffeine product by calling it ‘breathable energy’. In the same year, the FDA had also investigated the reports of five deaths that may be linked to a namesake energy drink based on caffeine, produced by Monster Beverage Corp.

Caffeine is not known to produce any fatal effects when it is used in safe and smaller quantities in products such as carbonated beverages and energy drinks, and is commonly consumed through coffee. There are some milder side-effects associated with the consumption of caffeine in increased proportions, including tremors and nervousness. However, the consumption of pure powdered caffeine in large doses can lead to fatal effects such as seizures, erratic heartbeat, and also death.

The FDA said that the quantity of caffeine in nearly 28 cups of regular coffee is equivalent to the quantity of caffeine found in only one teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine.