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U.S. DoE Report Elaborate on the Top Trends in the Wind Industry

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Published on : Aug 11, 2015

Recently, the United States Department of Energy released two reports that talk about the wind power sector in the U.S. These reports provide key insights about the United States wind power market and offers valuable market figures. Furthermore, these two reports also talk about the most prominent trends that are shaping the wind power sector in the United States.

According to these reports, the wind energy industry in the country is expected to continue to grow at an impressive rate, which will further solidify the country’s position as a leader in the global wind energy market. According to these reports, wind power is one of the key components in the President’s all of the above energy strategy and also of the Clean Power Plan to decrease climate changing carbon pollution, boost the nation’s economic competitiveness leveraging the innovative technologies, and diversity the nation’s energy economy. Moreover, the declining costs and the ongoing technological developments shows that wind power is a dependable source of sustainable, clean, and renewable energy for homes in the America.

The report titled “2014 Wind Technologies Market Report” that was released today by the Energy Department stated that there is a total installed wind power capacity in the U.S. which grew at a rate of eight percent in the year 2014 and currently stands at around 66 GW. This capacity meets around 4.9 per cent of the end-use electricity demand on an average in a year. Another trend elaborated by this report is that utility scale turbines that have large rotors for lower wind speeds have been rapidly being deployed in the nation in the year 2014.

The report titled “2014 Distributed Wind Market Report” also stated that there is more than 806 MW of cumulative installed capacity. This is more than enough to provide power to around 168,000 American homes. According to the report, the US distributed wind energy sector is supporting a domestic industrial base.