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U.S. citizen tested for Ebola virus in Ghana

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Published on : Jul 08, 2014

The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa had no confirmed cases of virus in Ghana, however, a U.S. citizen is being tested for the virus.

The U.S. citizen was quarantined at a private Clinic in the capital of Accra, as stated by health officials. The Ebola virus has so far resulted in deaths of more than 460 people since its outbreak in Guinea in the month of February. This was termed as the world’s deadliest outbreak of Ebola. Disease from Ebola virus till date has no cure.

U.S. embassy located in Accra stated that they have been informed about the U.S. citizen who is being tested. However, further details were not provided by the embassy. The man involved in the testing is supposed to have visited Sierra Leone and Guinea during the past few weeks.

Health ministry of Ghana stated that it had put in place many precautionary measures, and requested the public to remain calm. Clinic’s staff has also been quarantined and offered protective clothing.

The clinic is waiting for results of the blood test to check if the patient whom the ministry hasn’t identified actually had the infection.

According to a representative from the health ministry, they would like to assure the public that everything was under control. During April, health authorities in Ghana’s stated that a suspected girl for Ebola had tested negative.

Health ministers from 11 different states of Africa met recently in Accra to work more closely in order to combat the outbreak.

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