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US China Internet Industry Forum to Cover Technology from Shanghai and Beijing this November

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Published on : Sep 23, 2015

To gain an incredible experience on the technology scene from the world’s most busiest and populous nation, leading market experts’ flock to China on the occasion of the same. 

They’ll be visiting small as well as big companies to meet with various entrepreneurs and business executives in Beijing and Shanghai to get a better feel of how rapidly-growing and massive tech industries work in China. The experts are also looking forward to connecting with the University of Washington Innovation Summit, whereby the top innovators from the university as well as the President of Microsoft will also be contributing his share in Shanghai.   

Based on the news sports technology vertical, the cover for UW vs Texas men’s basketball game sponsored by Alibaba is also covered. This will be the first U.S. regular season of NBA or NCAA to be played in China. 

The trip comes at a good time for US-China relations and especially within the technology industry. The tension between both tech-related policies and technology protectionism are growing over. 

The U.S. and China are constantly in talks for the first arms control for cyberspace issue and which country would commit not to use cyber attacks in the effort to strike down the other infrastructure during the times of peace. China’s declining economy is causing effects across the world’s markets as well. 

All these topics are supposed to be the leading subjects this week. China’s President and other fellow Chinese dignitaries are planning for a stop in the Emerald City just before meeting Barack Obama at Washington D.C. 

China’s President is scheduled to visit Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond. This will be the eighth annual U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum taking place with a guest list that includes executives from the US companies such as Google, Uber, Facebook, and Apple. Other Chinese giants such as Baidu and Alibaba are also present. 

Some of the topics to be included at the event are big data and cloud computing, international cooperation, and upcoming generation of internet users, among other issues.