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US Businesses Lobby Barack Obama on Chinas Technology Protectionism Concerns

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Published on : Aug 12, 2015

As reported earlier in Beijing today, various business groups in America are lobbying Obama to press technology protectionism concerns on Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. They are planning to do this during his upcoming visit to the US, declared a letter seen by Reuters addressed to Obama. 


The letter enlisted around 19 US business lobbies which included the US Chamber of Commerce, America Chamber of Commerce in China, the National Association of Manufacturers and Information Technology Industry Council under the sector-focused groups. These prodded Obama to take up the issues faced by the ICT sector. 


China has several times increasingly followed policies that have unfavorably affected the ability of US ICT firms and the many companies that rely on them in order to business in China. 


These lobbies defined the national security interests of China’s approach in this situation. Citing a range of new proposed laws, the US groups were addressed to the open markets. However, China’s ministry did not instantly respond to the written requests for further comments. 


The US technology groups have been at lunk with China ever since the country’s national security was threatened by the American technology.  


The letter to Obama clearly insists him to take action against this situation as the two countries would not use the mask of national security to push the economic policies that restrict competition.   

Many cities in China say that the country has vague wording to give the policymakers a leeway in the way laws are implemented.  


Recently, Beijing introduced various measures in critical sectors like banking whereby the technology must be controllable and secure.  


Several Chinese officials said that Beijing welcomes all countries to operate and not give up its national rights and core interests such as information security.


Nevertheless, according to the news, ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies are not fully functional in the country after lawmakers commented that the two telecommunications firms warned national security.