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Upheaval at Uber Headquarters may Affect Operations in India

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Published on : Jun 16, 2017

Uber’s operations in India are likely to take a hit owing to the disarray in the company after the exit of a top management-level executive. Just days after head of the Asia Pacific division Eric Alexander and senior vice president Emil Michael left the San Francisco-based cab hailing and ride sharing company, chief executive Travis Kalanick announced his decision on Tuesday to take a leave of absence for an indefinite period. Uber has been faced with a number of scandals in the recent past.

Emil Michael’s Role in Uber India

Uber’s operations in India have been particularly impacted as Emil Michael played a major role in boosting investments in the country, company executives and analysts say. They believe that until the firm can sort out its issues, especially its issues regarding its work culture, Uber’s growth in India and several other international markets is likely to bear the brunt of the upheaval.

A senior executive at Uber India said that Travis, Emil, and Eric were all very much a part of Uber’s operations in India and their absence will possibly result in a shift in focus over the coming months at least. Other countries will also be met with a similar fate if things do not settle down at the headquarters. The main focus of the firm at this moment is to simply ensure that daily operations run without any hiccups.

Toxic office culture and widespread mismanagement are just some of the allegations Uber is currently battling. And these issues have mainly arisen after ex-employee Susan Fowler wrote about her experiences working at Uber in February this year. Both employees and analysts have expressed concern over the impact Uber’s work culture will have on the firm’s growth.