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Unstructured Data to Provide Valuable Insights from Healthcare NLP

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Published on : Jul 19, 2019

EHR has been helping physicians to provide complete health record to the patients. Although there are forms available in many EHR records, physicians still use unstructured data in text form to diagnose the patients. However, this data poses severe challenges to hospitals. Inability to extract patient information for future reference is one of the major challenges that hospitals have to deal with.

However, everything is about to change with the introduction of natural language processing or NLP in various hospitals. The technology allows the hospitals to detect the patients who are at higher risk of various geriatric syndromes. With the help of technology, hospitals were able to eliminate the practice of clinical staff reading medical notes just to identify the patients. NLP was able to automate the time-consuming process and made things simpler for hospitals.

How Healthcare Sector to Benefit from NLP?

Natural language processing technology allows machines to read the manual text written on various platform. With this technology, hospitals can detect various metal patients based on their multiple posts on social media. Nevertheless, healthcare NLP can detect symptoms of illness in patients by analyzing and monitoring the social media post. To achieve this, NLP uses sentiment analysis algorithm, which provides quantifiable signals of mental illness in patients.

Moreover, NLP can also come in handy in extracting valuable insights from the clinical data. The technology can analyze physician’s notes, prescriptions, and other dictations. With NLP healthcare organizations can automate the extraction of important information.

Also, the technology can save crucial time for doctors by converting voice commands into clinical notes. To achieve this functionality, NLP is implemented with artificial intelligence which assists the physicians.

Another application where NLP can be helpful in healthcare institutes is double-checking the insurance claims. There have been several cases of frauds and other malicious activities in the past which cost hospitals with tons of money. With NLP, the hospitals can have an extra layer of security in claim approval and have extra protection against frauds.