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Union Beverages Factory Announces Upgrades worth US$136 mn

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Published on : Nov 26, 2015

The production capacity of Union Beverages Factory will be benefitted from an upgrade worth US$13.6 mn that is listed to improve the quality and quantity of its products, as revealed by its owner Mohammed Abdulla Al Omran Group of Companies.

The business group has diversified interests in agriculture, food and beverages, and industrial manufacturing and transportation, has plans to invest in assembly lines and technologies. The company has a special focus to enhance its signature offering, Maaza juice.

Earlier in the week, Mohammed Abdulla Al Omran, who is the chairman of the Mohammed Al Omran Group of Companies stated that post the complete acquisition of the Union Beverages Factory that happened earlier in the year, which amounted to buying 50% shares of the company from its partners, the company is ready to soar to new heights with a n investment of US$13.6 mn. The investment is part of a strategic plan focused to boost the quality and production capacity of the factory. 

The chairman of the Mohammed Al Omran Group of Companies further added that the move is part of the company’s efforts to enhance its Maaza juice brand. This will help the juice brand to gain competitive advantage in UAE and its neighboring markets in the Gulf region. Maaza, being the first juice brand of the UAE has legacy attached to it. The juice brand produced since 1974, the investment is a move to enrich the legacy. The company has plans to save the legacy of the juice brand that started production way back in 1974.

Union Beverages Factory is involved in the manufacture and distribution of a range of beverages that include fruit juices, pure drinking water, and aerated drinks. These beverages manufactured by Union Beverages Factory are sold under the brand names such as Maaza, Royal Crown Cola, Frost, Aqua Q, and Cool Up.