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U.K. Company Prints Electronics with LED Array

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Published on : Apr 02, 2015

An electronic firm from Coventry that develops digital printing systems that are used in hi-res photographic printing has said that their system has the resolution to print electronic circuits.

Lumejet is a spin-out from Warwick University. The system was developed as a RGB three color digital printing head that can be used in an inkless digital photographic printer.

The company’s plans include using the printing technology to print electronic devices including flex displays and OLEDs.

Instead of coating paper with ink much like a traditional inkjet printer, Lumejet uses light of multiple wavelengths, power, and spot sizes to embed or print patterns in photo-activated media.

The digital print head possesses and array of 288 LEDs, which is made up of 96 LEDs of red, green, and blue each. The LEDs light is transmitted through an optic fiber taper bundle and a relay lens system to expose the elements of the image on the photo-active paper which is almost 6 mm wide.

According to the company, the LEDs are actually arranged in three pairs of odd and even rows with 48 LEDs per row for each color. It is offset by an LED width. This lets the printer make a small overlap between each pixel. It will help reduce the risk of image micro branding.

The fiber taper is an 18-micron fiber bundle that is 40 mm wide. It is heated and pulled to create a 5:1 reduction, that basically creates a lens, said a company spokesperson. There are millions of single fibers that are stretched in a manner that will allow them to retain their alignment even when their width is lowered to nearly 3.5 microns.