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Uber could Face Problems in Finding Partners for Driverless Technology

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Published on : Apr 02, 2018

Uber has been on the quest to attain prominence with driverless cars for quite some time now. However, as much as the company has got closer to the aim of being the pioneer of driverless cars, they have invited troubles along the way. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is once again faced with a sea of problems with regards to the working of Uber’s driverless cars. As the company aims to find partners who can join Uber to strengthen driverless technologies, the chances of a company agreeing to partner with Uber remain bleak. This is due to the belief that Uber has been exhibiting an aggressive and undulating attitude in all of its endeavors. The partnering options of the company have further dwindled after a driverless car by Uber killed a woman in Arizona.

Shortcomings of Uber

Federal inquiries with regards to the failure of Uber’s systems are underway but companies such as Intel’s Mobileye and Waymo have already given their verdict on Uber’s shortcomings. Aptiv, for example, blamed the disconnection of Volvo’s safety system for the mishap caused by Uber’s driverless car. Uber has been barred from running driverless cars in Arizona while the company has withdrawn its efforts to get driverless permits in California. One of the analysts stated that companies would need a very strong reason to partner with Uber, especially after the accident tarnished Uber’s image in the market.

Scenario of Distrust

In the current scenario where several blames have been exchanged between Uber and other renowned companies, it is difficult to ascertain a future for driverless cars. However, it would be interesting to see the next steps that Uber resorts to earn back its prestige.

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