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UAE Sends Squadron of Jet Planes to Support Jordan in its Fight against the IS

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Published on : Feb 09, 2015

An important member of the middle-east has joined hands with Jordan in its vow of avenging killers of its pilot. In a recent update about the air strikes led by Jordan upon Syria’s Islamic State, it has been reported that the United Arab Emirates is aiding Jordan through a squadron of F16 jet fighter planes to Jordan to continue its series of air strikes against Islamic State alongside Jordan’s planes.

Jordan has launched a series of airplanes against the extremist militant group of Syria after the group killed a Jordanian pilot in a heinous murder along with two Japanese journalists. Since then, Jordan has entered the war field and started its collaboration with the U.S. force with a view to cut roots of the jihadist group from Syria and Iraq. Jordanian attacks have led to several fatalities, and destruction of arms depots, command centers, training bases and garrisons. Reportedly, the attacks have led to the destruction of nearly 20 percent capabilities of the militant group.

The recent updates state that the United Arab Emirates has suspended some of its flights as a part of the coalition conducting air strikes against the Islamic States, led by the U.S., concerning search and rescue capabilities after the Jordanian pilot was killed. 

United Arab Emirates’ fighters will now reportedly join the air raids from the insides of Jordan. The United Arab Emirate considers this as a big boost towards the global attempts of downing the Islamic States, and is an attempt at helping Jordan in shortening its flying distance and intensifying the strikes against the militants. United Arab Emirates’ state news agency WAM reported that the country has ordered a squadron of F16 planes to join the Jordanian force as an effective participation in the war against the IS.