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Two Firms With US$1 bn Valuation to Take Part in Google’s Startup Accelerator Program

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Published on : Feb 06, 2018

The fifth edition of the startup accelerator program of Google, for the first time, will have two enterprises, which are more than US$1 bn in valuation. Roy Glasberg, the founder of the startup mentoring effort of Google, qualifies it as a first for any of the accelerators across the world to have a unicorn in the group and a sign of how significant cutting edge technology is for startups, who are looking to scale their businesses.

Nubank, a financial technology enterprise that offer a total digital, branchless experience, Grupo Zap Viva Real, a real estate marketplace, both Brazilian startups, are now participating in a two-week training and mentoring session as a part of a six-month program, which aims at helping small enterprises deal with roadblocks, such as funding and growth management, and create a future, where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning become day-to-day tools.

“For the first time, Google has brought two firms that possess a valuation of more than a billion dollars each. So, we proudly provide and serve the biggest and the strongest in the emergent start-up ecosystem,” stated Glasberg in a press conference at the company’s offices in San Francisco. “The company is basically an opening to Silicon Valley, whenever it displays such enterprises to the Valley, it creates consciousness regarding the opportunities that exist outside of the regular suspects of Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley,” he added. Google believes these firms would gain significantly from getting mentored.