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Twitterati Critical of Latest Changes in Design and Interface

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Published on : Jun 16, 2017

Twitter has just revealed its new avatar and in keeping with the several other changes the short-messaging service has made of late, Twitterati is not so pleased with the revisions. The San Francisco-based company said that the latest design focuses on simplicity, is easier and faster to use, has more intuitive icons, and has bolder headlines. The square-shaped user profile image has also been changed to round. These new changes and interface will be reflected on Twitter for iOS, twitter.com, TweetDeck, Twitter for Android, and Twitter Lite.

Users take to Twitter to Poke Fun at Changes

Twitter was abuzz with jokes and memes on Thursday as users immediately went on to poking fun at the changes made by the microblogging site. Within just hours of the change, almost 30,000 tweets regarding the new user interface went live, with most users either mocking the new look and the rest complaining about it. One of the most popular and retweeted image was SpongeBob SquarePants in a round avatar.

Last Year’s Many Changes Left Twitterati Annoyed

Last year, when Twitter made a number of changes, the social networking site received just as much flak as it did on Thursday, if not more. The changes in algorithm that altered the order in which users see tweets was one such revision. Another one was when Twitter rolled out the “Moments” feature and most users tweeted their dismay. Yet another change was changing its “favorite” icon from a star to a heart, just like Facebook’s “like” icon.

With stiff competition from Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Twitter has been struggling to attract new users at a rapid pace and this redesign is just Twitter’s way of staying fresh in a highly competitive world.