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Twitter Emerging as a Potent Tool to Promote Healthcare Products and Services

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Published on : May 19, 2015

Talking about Twitter and Healthcare can sound vague to many, but then Twitter has many reasons to be interested in the healthcare, other than the obvious fact that it is a $3 trillion industry in the United States alone. 

The most important paradigm impacting the Twitter and healthcare relationship is that the present day consumers do care about the influence which social media can uncover, as told by Craig Hashi who is one of the two engineers in Twitter dedicated to healthcare. 

When Craig Hashi attended the sixth annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit organized by Cleveland Clinic as a speaker, he pointed out some interesting information and statistics from multiple sources. He said, at least 40 per cent of consumers worldwide rely on information found in social media to seal the final deal in terms of healthcare services. He also mentioned that almost a quarter of internet users who are diagnosed with chronic ailments often search for people with similar health issues on the internet to get treatment ideas and suggestions. And approximately 42 per cent of the online searches for reviews are related to healthcare providers, products, and treatments. 

The volume of information which can be availed from Twitter is staggering, said Hashi. Twitter generates more than half a million tweets on a daily basis. In the next two years, Twitter will be flooded with more words than all books ever published. In an analysis conducted by Hashi, he found that in a span of one year ending in March 2015, there were 44 million tweets were posted, which were cancer related. Twitter saw its traffic grow exponentially in October of 2014 and October is observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world. These statistics connote how important Twitter is for promoting healthcare sector and business.