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Trend of Hydroponics Running Hot in HK, but is it Eco-friendly

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Published on : Apr 27, 2015

At present, hydroponics which is the trend of growing plants without soil is running hot in Hong Kong. Around 20 entrepreneurs have jumped at the opportunity in the previous two years, but this boom is really become a worry for environmentalists. The environmentalists are questioning if this trend is a green one or not.

The latest firms who joined the hydroponics pack is called Ken Yuen Chi-him, a restaurateur. Their restaurant called Fresh & Green opened last September in a Fotan industrial building which features around 400 square feet of space which is dedicated to growing salad vegetables.

The temperature and humidity of a controlled room which has a light from LED tubes and the liquid filled racks are used to produce around 3 kilo grams of greens every day. This is just a part of what the big restaurants which would require, however, it is just enough for their Italian-style eatery.

After setting their own hydroponics center, they have ensured a stable supply of veggies without any worry about fluctuation in price and quality that are often linked with buying from conventional sources, commented Yuen. 

Yuen further said that summer’s high temperature affects yields as veggies don’t grow well in the intense high temperatures outdoors. However, once free of the climate factors such as rain or the hot sun, their vegetables can be harvested just after 25 days which is the half time required with regular planting.

However, according to Liber Research community report, hydroponic farming could be tad worrisome since it is done indoors and employs a lot of water and electricity. This means the carbon footprint is around 13 times higher than that of a tradition farm, which is not ecologically sustainable.

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