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Transsion - A Smartphone Company from China Ruling in Africa and Not a Single Outlet in Home Country

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Published on : Oct 11, 2018

Transsion is a smartphone manufacturer in China, who do not have a single outlet in the home country but dominates the markets across Africa. In several African countries, Transsion beats Apple and Samsung covering more than a billion people market. Headquarter of the company is in one of the megacity of Shenzhen, where its presence is left unnoticed due to the presence of big Chinese tech giants. However, in cities like Addis Ababa, Lagos, and Nairobi the streets are flooded with Transsion’s flagship brand, Tecno.

The company took a different path to success than other top smartphone brands in China such as Xiaomi and Huawei. The smartphone features provided by the Transsion in Tecno Camon i are different from other smartphones.  According to vice president of Transsion, Arif Chowdhury states that the camera quality of their phones adjusts more light for darker skin that has helped them to gain more popularity in the African market.

The approach of the company was to understand the need of the people and according to it provide them solutions. For instance, in Africa people has multiple SIM and it is practically impossible for anybody to swap them throughout the day. Therefore, Transsion introduced Tecno handsets with dual SIM slots. The company also opened research and development centers in Kenya, China, and Nigeria to analyze how to better appeal to African users. New languages were added to the keyboard and the battery life was extended. These aspects helped the company to grow widely in the region.