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Traffic Halts in Royal Palm Way for a Gallon of Chemical Spill

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Published on : Mar 25, 2015

Traffic at Royal Palm Way on the South County Road was halted for almost two hours on Tuesday after a spill of concentrated pesticide during the peak hours of the day. At around 11:58 a.m., a jug carrying not less than a gallon of cypermethrin fell from the truck that was carrying it onto the street. The massive spillage occurred when a car hit the container that was on its way from Royal Palm Way to Phipps Plaza. The news of the spillage was informed by Chief of Palm Beach Fire-Rescue Battalion, Sean Baker. 

As per reports, the fire rescue personal were informed about the incident from a hazardous material information service, who even informed them that chemical spilled could be highly toxic and was likely to cause major environmental hazard if it came to contact with water. 

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, cypethmethric is highly toxic and kills insect that either eats it or comes in contact to it. The chemical possesses the ability of easily perishing fish, bees, and water insects. Speaking about the incident Baker said that since the jus was containing concentrated substance, so if one gallon of the chemical by any chance would have come in contact with water, it could create anywhere between 1500 to 5000 gallons of product. The Fire-Rescue team of the region was more concerned about stopping the chemical to run down any drain and then follow the course into the coast, thereby killing thousands of marine life. 

However, they were success to contain the spill before it entered any drain. The spillage was cleaned up by the regional hazardous materials unit of West Palm Beach by 1:50p.m. after which the road reopened.