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Toyota May Underperform as against Volkswagen in Terms of Global Sales

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Published on : Jan 23, 2015

Toyota Motor Corp., which defeated Volkswagen Group to hold the top position might lose the crown in 2015 as it is behind China’s automobile manufacturing plans. 

As per Toyota’s predictions, its global deliveries will decrease 1% in the current year to 10.15 million automobiles. If put in a different way, it would result in only 10,000 units more than what the German automobile leader Volkswagen had sold in 2014 all across the globe. 

Volkswagen would be establishing a new factory in 2015 in Changsha, situated in China. This will increase the productive capacity to 300,000 vehicles per year. As General Motors Co., and Volkswagen, set up additional factories to strengthen their already-leading status in China, the strategy of Toyota President Akio Toyoda's of not developing new car plants till at least 2016 may lead to the very first shakeup in the leadership of auto-sales that have been taking place since 2011.Among global Chinese automakers, Toyota holds the sixth rank and the ends up selling one third the number of vehicles that are sold by two of its main competitors in the overall automotive market. 

The global sales figures for Toyota which includes its Daihatsu Motor Co., and its Hino Motors Ltd. units surged 3 percent to 10.23 million automobiles last year. In the earlier week, Volkswagen reported a gain of 4% to 10.14 million automobiles that also included its heavy-truck units. The sales figure reported by General Motors was 9.92 million vehicles which represented a rise of 2%. The projections for 2015 are yet to be declared by General Motors and Volkswagen.